Commercial Locksmith Service

We provide mobile commercial locksmith service for our customers. In conjunction with the newest security technologies we still offer good old reliable locks. Furthermore, our locksmith service offers a wide range of services. Such as, key control to stop unauthorized duplication of keys. Also, re-keying and master keying to maintain ease of use for opening many locks in one environment. Equally important, we can make sure your business complies with local life safety codes. For instance, door closers, exit devices and many other commercial locks have to meet a minimum fire and life safety code.

Common Commercial Locksmith Services

  • Replace Lost or Stolen Keys
  • Door Lock Repair and installation
  • High Security Keys and locks
  • Restricted Key Control
  • Master Key Systems
  • Exit Hardware installation and service
  • File Cabinet keys and locks

Access Control

Card access is quickly becoming the way to secure your business. Moreover, Card access uses PC based software to allow ease of use for the consumer. In addition, Quick-Start Configuration Wizard saves time in setup and programming. Above all, a Backup Utility maintains a recent  database. Furthermore, cardholders may be tracked anytime, anywhere, using the Tracking View. In conclusion, audit trail details personnel actions on system devices.

Keyless entry allows you to grant or remove access permission for single individuals at any time. Furthermore, this eliminates the need to rekey your locks when an employee leaves your employment. Also, having the ability to run reports allows you to see which door and when it was accessed.

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance is here now. It can be used to store and record events. Also, it can help aid in criminal capture and prosecution. Furthermore, video cameras can help with liability issues. In addition, research shows employee production increases and internal theft reduces. Above all, live feeds can be broadcasted over the internet to watch in real time. Likewise, cameras can be recorded and stored all from PC based software. In conclusion, no more wondering what happens when you're away.

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